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Fundamental Grappling-

This class focuses on developing a solid base and understanding of the jiujitsu game. Classes include warmups and drills, which relate to the movements necessary for jiujitsu mastery.   Techniques and positions are drilled thoroughly throughout the class.   All fundamental classes finish with live grappling rounds so that students may apply what they have learned in real time.




​In this class, you will learn the essentials of taking your opponent down and preventing them from taking you down.  Our classes focus on teaching techniques from Greco and Freestyle Wrestling, as well as elements of Judo.  When you control the wrestling aspect of a fight, you control where the fight goes.

This class blends striking techniques from Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and more.  The striking class incorporates Wrestling and Jiujitsu to provide comprehensive MMA training.

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